FOOD IN THE FLX: Jerlando’s Ristorante is a Watkins Glen signature

Many years ago, the region also saw its fair share of Italian immigrants. Those folks brought with them a a cuisine that has had a lasting impact on American culture as a whole, but also resulted in some fantastic restaurants — as those families turned “home cooking” into business models. While in Watkins Glen last week, I visited what easily... more

MAKING HISTORY: Sisters open neighboring businesses in Birthplace of Women’s Rights

It might be one of the most-unique situations to have developed in recent memory in downtown Seneca Falls. Siblings taking part in owning businesses that operate less than three doors apart in downtown Seneca Falls. Sisters in the Birthplace of Women’s Rights – operating separate bakery and home goods located at 12 and 14 State Street. Bee’s Cookies & Cakes... more

Food in the FLX: Main Street Smokehouse in Willard

It’s a quiet, non-descript building on Main Street in Willard. Almost directly across from the Willard Drug Treatment Campus, owner Carrie Bates runs from one end of the small space to the other. Bates Main Street Smokehouse is a family function, with Carrie’s brother, cousin, son, and family friend all playing vital roles in making the success story in the... more

Food in the FLX: West Main Kitchen

Food in the FLX: West Main Kitchen
Downtown Waterloo is transforming. Developer Lee Bieber started work last year on several storefronts, and after a short time — one very good diner has already come from that hard work. Revitalizing any downtown space is something that takes perseverance, seemingly endless effort, and most-importantly a shared vision. In downtown Waterloo, there is a diner that has only been open... more