Horn, Sheppard talk marina development in Geneva; boundary between Ontario, Seneca

Seneca County has questions, but Geneva doesn’t have all the answers just yet. A resolution was passed at last Tuesday’s Board of Supervisors meeting, green-lighting a SEQRA response from Seneca County. The resolution authorizes County Manager John Sheppard to respond to a July 27 request for response to SEQRA efforts, as Geneva moves forward through the process of adding a... more

REPORT: Seneca losing employees to neighboring counties, pay below average

In recent years Seneca County has struggled to retain employees. It’s been the subject of many committee and board meetings within the Board of Supervisors, but little tangible evidence existed to prove if the working theory; that employees were leaving for better paying area jobs was true. Currently, there are 21 vacancies within the county’s employment structure out of 234... more

OFFICIALS: Cuomo’s property tax payment plan would place heavy burden counties

A proposal within the the New York State budget could make accepting property tax payments much more complicated and expensive for taxing authorities. The goal of the provision is to simply give towns and school districts the ability to accept payments in varying amounts during the collection period. Essentially, it would give the taxpayer the ability to name the number... more