Committee members ID’d by blog as Geneva seeks out next city manager

A little more clarity. After this weekend residents and taxpayers have a better idea about the future of their community. Since the departure of former City Manager Matt Horn – questions have swirled around the individuals who have applied; as well as the individuals identified by city leadership, as the folks who will make the decision. City managers are tasked... more

THE DEBRIEF: Debating incinerators, campus safety & Geneva’s future (podcast)

A number of hot-button issues will be discussed on a special edition of the Debrief Podcast. After a delay to the taping of the podcast last week, the news broke this weekend that Geneva City Manager Matt Horn would be exiting his post as the highest ranking administrative figure in Geneva. His unexpected exit, and what it means for Geneva... more

Horn, Sheppard talk marina development in Geneva; boundary between Ontario, Seneca

Seneca County has questions, but Geneva doesn’t have all the answers just yet. A resolution was passed at last Tuesday’s Board of Supervisors meeting, green-lighting a SEQRA response from Seneca County. The resolution authorizes County Manager John Sheppard to respond to a July 27 request for response to SEQRA efforts, as Geneva moves forward through the process of adding a... more

Emails highlight reasons for Gramling’s exclusion in Geneva (exclusive)

In Geneva, the ongoing debate around handling of the Geneva Foundry contamination has taken center stage for months. In particular, questions around At-Large Councilor Mark Gramling, who recused himself from taking part in any votes involving the matter has swirled. Gramling, who has filed a notice of claim against the City of Geneva, has not been involved in any executive... more

SENECA LAKE DEBATE: Geneva is not looking for lakefront developers

Geneva City Council fielded plenty of concerns from residents at Wednesday’s meeting regarding lakefront development. The message from residents who spoke was clear: Follow the comprehensive plan, and don’t develop the lakefront property along Seneca Lake. As Geneva City Manager Matt Horn said on Thursday though, it might not be that simple. He did try to rest some of the concerns... more

Inside the FLX: Geneva’s Matt Horn and Sage Gerling talk downtown

Sitting down with Geneva City Manager Matt Horn and Geneva’s Director of Neighborhood Initiatives Sage Gerling – optimism, energy, and passion for the City they call home is overwhelming. On Thursday’s edition of Inside the FLX the pair sat down with Josh Durso to discuss some of the great news that has come out of Geneva in the last several... more