Ponder This: Closer look at domestic violence (Part III)

An official memo was released by the New York State Coalition Against Domestic Violence. (NYSCADV). In bold letters it stated… Protect Rights. Promote Justice. Prevent Domestic Violence. The memo went on to state why they were against Brittany’s Law and were lobbying against its passage. Why after all this time were they speaking out against it? Why would they not... more

Ponder This: Closer look at domestic violence (Part I)

Editor’s Note: Dale Driscoll’s ‘Ponder This’ will run in a three part series this week exclusively on FingerLakes1.com. Each will look at a different part of the domestic violence fight. Part one of the feature looks at the frequency of domestic violence, as well as the way it impacts victims and survivors families. Check back this week for the second... more