Supervisors make progress on draft sewer use law in Seneca County

Supervisors make progress on draft sewer use law in Seneca County
Seneca County might finally be getting somewhere with one of its most-complex issues. The Board of Supervisors met in a special committee session Monday night to discuss the future of a sewer use law, which will be introduced to the full-board after successful passage through committee. “This has been one of the biggest issues in Seneca County for the last... more

Supervisors ponder ‘Water & Sewer Authority’ while looking for consensus in 2019 (video)

Board of Supervisors hold December meeting in Waterloo (video)
It was the last regular session of the calendar year; and it’s been an active one for the Seneca County Board of Supervisors. While the supervisors will have a couple special sessions before the end of the year to take care of some clerical items – the lion share of legislating has concluded. Board Chairman Bob Shipley (R-Waterloo) said it... more

SENECA SUPERVISORS: BOS Chairman critical of Albany, budget process in remarks at meeting

On Tuesday, Seneca County Board of Supervisors Chairman Bob Shipley shared his thoughts on the New York State Budget process, which included passage of a $168 billion spending plan. There was good news, and bad, within the plan — but according to Shipley — little progress was made in some of the most-costly areas. For example, the fiscal liability for... more

Another Notice of Claim filed against Seneca County; attorney says client was harassed

Seneca County has received a second Notice of Claim. On Friday, Jarrod W. Smith, Esq., who is representing Debra R. Rickerson, provided a narrative to an ongoing story, which rocked Seneca County days before September’s Republican Primary for District Attorney. In an earlier-filed Notice of Claim by District Attorney Barry Porsch, he alleged that Rickerson, acting in her capacity as... more

Supervisors argue over sewer in Seneca County; expansion considered to south end

If the tone of debate around water and sewer in Seneca County were going to be labeled, ‘divisive’ would be the only term appropriate. At Tuesday’s Public Works standing committee meeting, that very topic took center stage. The County is currently working out a plan to deal with issues uncovered by New York State. The problem, per the DEC, is... more

Supervisors consider changing the way snow removal is handled in Seneca Co.

In a special session on Tuesday, the Seneca County Board of Supervisors took one step closer to completing Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s goal of consolidating some services. While the supervisors had a limited amount of time this year to formulate a plan, which was spearheaded by County Manager John Sheppard – a draft plan was formulated and presented to the board... more

SMI gives update, speakers rail against landfill as supervisors meet

Seneca Meadows District Manager Kyle Black gave an update to the Seneca County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday regarding their ongoing efforts at the facility along State Route 414 to mitigate odors and continue working with the community. According to Black, construction of 15 acres of landfill liner are planned, as well as the completion of a 25 acre final... more

Future of depot proceeds takes center stage at Seneca County meeting

It had been a few months, but the Seneca Army Depot issue was back before the Seneca County Supervisors at their regular May meeting, which was held on Tuesday. A resolution to request that the proceeds from the sale of the depot to Earl Martin was on the table. The resolution asked the Industrial Development Agency to turn over the... more

How are codes being enforced? Business owners question process, regulation

Some people have a problem with the way codes are being enforced in Seneca County. The supervisors discussed a variety of issues at Tuesday’s Public Health Services Committee Meeting, which lasted more than an hour-and-a-half. It all centered around the future, or ‘vision’ as one supervisor put it — of Seneca County Code Enforcement. Tom Murray, who owns and operates... more

Seneca Supervisors ready to push back against costly measures

A number of state issues were on committee meeting agendas Tuesday in Seneca County. One of those items was the Shared Services Act, which made its way into the Government Ops Committee meeting. This wasn’t the first time that the matter came up for debate, but for some of the supervisors — particularly the Chairwoman of that committee — it’s... more

Supervisors raise a fuss over County Manager’s proposal; budget guidelines fail

Creating a budget is never easy. For the Seneca County Board of Supervisors it typically means workshops, heated debate, and relative uncertainty. Combine that with the fact that this year is an election year for nine of those supervisors — and it creates a unique, political cocktail only seen once every few years. County Manager John Sheppard presented his budget... more

Supervisors push back against Gov. Cuomo’s ‘Shared Services Act’

Counties will have to create a Shared Services Panel. Well, maybe, but it’s going to be complicated. A provision within the recently passed New York State budget says that counties will be tasked with coming up with plans – for at least the next year – on ways to derive savings for taxpayers through ‘shared’ services. It isn’t a new concept.... more

AVERY: Local Law 3 should be allowed to stand in Seneca Falls

This article is a direct rebuttal of Kyle Black’s guest editorial published on FingerLakes1.com on April 5th, and has been formatted to address each of the major points he made. Seneca Meadows says that the Chamber of Commerce votes ‘no’. Officials representing the Chamber of Commerce have repeatedly spoken for the landfill and against Local Law 3. Most of us think of... more

Seneca Meadows dominates discussion, debate at Supervisors’ April meeting

The night was a slow, grinding debate on nearly every issue that came up. The Seneca County Board of Supervisors struggled to remain on the same page at Tuesday’s regularly scheduled meeting. Each issue seeming to evoke several minutes of debate and discussion. Public comment dominated the first two hours of the meeting, which largely hinged around the continued dispute... more

DISCUSSION: Supervisors address functionality, future of Seneca Co. IDA

We need more coordination between the various entities charged with promoting and driving business in Seneca County. It was a message shared by Seneca County Board of Supervisors Chairman Bob Shipley at last month’s regular meeting. It’s something he’s made a priority in his first three months as chairman. On Monday, the Planning, Development, Agriculture and Tourism standing committee —... more

REPORT: Seneca losing employees to neighboring counties, pay below average

In recent years Seneca County has struggled to retain employees. It’s been the subject of many committee and board meetings within the Board of Supervisors, but little tangible evidence existed to prove if the working theory; that employees were leaving for better paying area jobs was true. Currently, there are 21 vacancies within the county’s employment structure out of 234... more

Seneca Chamber, IDA join forces to create ‘strategic plan’ for economic growth

There is going to be a significant, across the board effort made to empower and develop Seneca County. That was the clear message from three key agencies involved in bolstering economic development. On Monday, the Seneca County Industrial Development Agency and the Seneca County Chamber of Commerce announced the start of a joint strategic planning process to grow the local... more

War over Medicaid underway in NY: Supervisors consider results of change

Gov. Andrew Cuomo is fuming over the prospect of the state paying the share typically paid by counties with regards to Medicaid costs. Locally, it’s been an issue for elected officials trying to keep property taxes low. The proposal, which would no longer require counties to pay a portion of Medicaid costs in New York — would bring property tax... more
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