THE DEBRIEF: Local workforce, local businesses, and a lack of affordable housing (podcast)

THE DEBRIEF: Local workforce, local businesses, and lack of affordable housing (podcast)
It was a busy week in the FingerLakes1.com Newsroom this week, as the polar vortex provided more issues than simple ‘chill’. On the Friday, February 1st edition of The Debrief Podcast – Josh Durso is joined by Ted Baker, host of Finger Lakes Morning News on WGVA, and WAUB to discuss all of the headlines that made their way through... more

THE DEBRIEF: Election headlines, campaign ads, and victory odds ahead of Election Day (podcast)

WATCH LIVE AT 10 AM: Ted Baker in-studio to talk election news on Debrief Pod
What’s the latest on local, regional, and state elections? Voters are only a few weeks away from #Decision2018; and while a lot of focus has been on national issues – some seriously close races have been forming over the last several months. Some of those have even been local. This week on The Debrief Podcast FL1 News Director Josh Durso... more