THE LOVING CUP: WWII veteran Ed Chase & Leah Ntuala of Seneca Falls on gratitude (podcast)

Meet 95-year-old World War II veteran and Seneca Falls resident Ed Chase along with First Presbyterian Church of Seneca Falls Minister Leah Ntuala who are in-studio to talk about gratitude, Ed’s amazing journey through life that landed he and his wife in Seneca Falls on Tuesday morning’s Loving Cup Podcast. . more

THE LOVING CUP: Laura Colburn & Alex Schloop of Inns of Aurora (podcast)

Meet Laura Coburn and Alex Schloop of Auburn, NY and hear their take on gratitude and why they love their jobs as Programming Director and Creative Director at the Inns of Aurora as they join host Katie MacIntyre inside the FingerLakes1.com Studio for this week’s edition of the Loving Cup Podcast. . more

THE LOVING CUP: Adam Winslow & Shane Truman of the Auburn Doubledays (podcast)

Auburn Doubledays General Manager Adam Winslow and Assistant General Manager Shane Truman are in-studio to talk about the ways their minor league baseball organization tries to give back to the Auburn community and surrounding areas and why they are grateful for their families and the community they serve. . more

THE LOVING CUP: Vincent Gleason Jr. & Rick Martinez of Auburn (podcast)

This week on The Loving Cup Podcast, Katie MacIntyre is joined by Vincent Gleason Jr. & Rick Martinez of Auburn. Both are extremely active in their community and talk about the gratitude that comes back when you are willing to get involved and work together to help others. . more

THE LOVING CUP: Meet Jon C. Wilcox and son John J. Wilcox of Auburn (podcast)

Jon C. Wilcox is joined by his son Jon J. Wilcox, both of Auburn, on the second episode of The Loving Cup Podcast with host Katie MacIntyre. Discussions and memories focus on the support of a father and the impact that love and being present can have on a life and future generations. . more

THE LOVING CUP: Christine VanDusen & Conchetta Brown in-studio (podcast)

Elevate your gratitude with FingerLakes1.com’s newest podcast, The Loving Cup. Join host Katie MacIntyre and in-studio guests Christine VanDusen and her mother Conchetta Brown on Tuesday morning to talk about working together in their business, CVDesigns, and the gratitude Christine has for her mom. . more