THE MELISSA KILLELEAGH SHOW: Melina Carnicelli & Women March in Seneca Falls (podcast)

Lead organizer of Women March in Seneca Falls and former Mayor of Auburn, NY Melina Carnicelli is in-studio as a guest on the Melissa Killeleagh Show to talk about Saturday’s event in Seneca Falls and her life and career journey. . more

THE MELISSA KILLELEAGH SHOW: Rev. Leah Ntuala & Rob Harding of The Citizen (podcast)

Rev. Leah Ntuala of First Presbyterian Church of Seneca Falls and The Citizen’s Online Director Rob Harding are in-studio with Melissa Killeleagh to talk about their career and life paths, people who have inspired them and finding themselves while helping others move through the world. Also, planning for the Women’s March in Seneca Falls on January 20, 2018. . more

THE MELISSA KILLELEAGH SHOW: Susan James and Tom Seeley in-studio (podcast)

Susan James of Sunshine Studios of the Fingerlakes and Tom Seeley of Finger Lakes Holistic Divorce Mediation are in-studio for November’s edition of The Melissa Killeleagh Show where both discuss how increasing mindfulness has impacted their lives both personally and professionally. Also, examples of sincere gratitude ahead of this week’s Thanksgiving holiday. . more

THE MELISSA KILLELEAGH SHOW: Guests who have inspired in the past year (podcast)

Melissa Killeleagh is back for her October episode of The Melissa Killeleagh Show on FingerLakes1.com. This is the one-year anniversary of The Melissa Killeleagh Show and you’ll hear from five guests who have appeared on the podcast since it debuted back on October 18, 2016. .   more

THE MELISSA KILLELEAGH SHOW: Meet Adam Jablonski & Johanna Povlock (podcast)

The Melissa Killeleagh Show is back for September’s episode. Join Melissa for interviews with Adam Jablonski & Johanna Povlock who share their passion for making the world a better place. Also, reflections on the 2017 National Women’s Hall of Fame Induction Weekend in Seneca Falls. . more

THE MELISSA KILLELEAGH SHOW: Heidi Lyndaker on natural healing & Kimberly Kling of Joyful Roots (podcast)

Meet Heidi Lyndaker, founder of Synergy Health & Fitness, talks about listening to your body and natural healing as an alternative to medication. Then, meet Kimberly Kling, owner of Joyful Roots, and see some of her unique inspiring art on this month’s edition of The Melissa Killeleagh Show on FingerLakes1.TV… . more

THE MELISSA KILLELEAGH SHOW: The Hogarth Saga, Arianna Ross of Story Tapestries & Kevin Miller of WCNY (podcast)

On this edition of the Melissa Killeleagh Show Jim Delaney, Author of The Hogarth Saga and his Illustrator Christopher Madden are in-studio along with interviews with Arianna Ross, Executive Director of Story Tapestries and Kevin Miller, Director & Producer at WCNY. The theme of this week’s show is people who are using their unique platforms to pursue their passions.  Whether... more

WEBER THIS WEEK: Why Melissa Killeleagh inspires the Web Dog (podcast)

On Monday afternoon’s live edition of Weber This Week, Harold “Web Dog” Weber is joined in-studio by fellow FingerLakes1.TV host Melissa Killeleagh to talk about Melissa’s show, how her world view and social media postings inspire him, and to share stories from a rainy Friday night at Canal Fest in Seneca Falls. . more

MELISSA KILLELEAGH SHOW: Olan Mack of Seneca Co. House of Concern & holistic health practitioner Isabelle Wellauer of Auburn (podcast)

On this month’s edition of The Melissa Killeleagh Show on FingerLakes1.com, Seneca County House of Concern Executive Director Olan Mack is in-studio to talk about what inspires him to serve his community and to talk about an important fundraiser underway for the organization he leads. Then, meet Isabelle Wellauer, a holistic health practitioner from Auburn, NY. Check out the complete... more

THE MELISSA KILLELEAGH SHOW: How one person can propel powerful change (podcast)

On Tuesday afternoon’s edition of The Melissa Killeleagh Show, Katie MacIntyre, a 261 Fearless Ambassador is in-studio for Melissa’s ‘Women who make a difference’ segment and a fun story of how one person propelled powerful change, especially as told by Stephen Beals and Karen Huntington Beals. Who can you share this important message with? . more

Meet Alexis Pierce & Jynell Petrosino on The Melissa Killeleagh Show (podcast)

Meet life coach and speaker Alexis Pierce of Skaneateles and personal trainer Jynell Petrosino of Geneva and learn how making big changes in your life can start with the smallest steps on this month’s edition of The Melissa Killeleagh Show. AUDIO ONLY VERSION: more