Power outages in FLX blamed on transformers

At one point Monday night, more than 6,000 households in Ontario and Wayne counties were without power, according to officials at RG&E. A transformer issue was to blame for the outages, however it was prompting serious concern regarding the weather — as high winds battered the region throughout the evening.While no official warning or advisory was issued by the National Weather Service, there was enough concern about the weather for RG&E officials to warn residents in Ontario and Wayne counties to avoid travel in areas where downed trees or power lines could be present.At this point, RG&E isn’t releasing any significant information on the outage — but they pointed to two separate transformer issues — that could have been caused by the high winds in the area as being a major player in the 6,000+ outages between the two counties. Canandaigua saw it’s outage begin around 7:30 pm and extended for a couple of hours. By about 10:00 pm most households had power restored. In Wayne County a transformer fire is being blamed for the outage, which took place at 9096 Ridge Road in Huron. It knocked power out to the surrounding area, according to the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office.At this point, under 1,000 households are without power in Wayne and Ontario counties. FingerLakes1.com will provide more information on this story in the morning, when details are reported.

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