Garlic-Lorenzetti on pressing Seneca Co. issues

For Fayette Town Supervisor Cindy Garlick-Lorenzetti politics was in her blood from birth. Her father spent a number of years in the political space, and in many ways, public service was tailored to her as an individual. “There are a lot of important issues impacting Seneca County residents,” she told Josh Durso before Thursday’s episode of Inside the FLX went live. Her own political career started on the planning board, and she said without the tireless and often thankless hours of effort and sacrifice those individuals put forward — it would be difficult to have any political system at the local level. They lay the groundwork and create much of what residents see on a daily basis — they create the direction, she said. There are countless issues impacting those living in Seneca County, but none have been more polarizing than the Seneca Army Depot. She and Supervisor Steve Churchill had a heated exchange at the last meeting, but she pointed out that the dust quickly settles between board members. “You have to take a few days to let things settle” and re-approach the issue when cooler heads have prevailed, she pointed out — speaking to her years of learning how to most-effectively work with other politicians. Lorenzetti said that she was thankful that the Board of Supervisors was unsuccessful in making a request to take the 7,000 acres of property at the former Seneca Army Depot site. The Seneca County IDA has been navigating through a bid process, which would have been flipped upside down — and rejected, midway through the project — if the Board of Supervisors had voted in favor of such an acquisition. “The bids are in and there were 16 of them,” she said on Inside the FLX. There were more than 55 bid packets obtained from potential bidders — but only 16 submitted actual proposals for the property. “The IDA doesn’t have to take the highest bidder. That’s one problem Seneca County would have had — if the bid process was stopped,” she continued. Lorenzetti pointed out that legally speaking — the county would have been obligated to take the highest bidder. Whereas through the bid process — a multitude of factors, like the white deer could be taken into consideration.Lorenzetti didn’t shy away from any of the important issues on Inside the FLX. She voiced overwhelming support for the new del Lago Resort & Casino. Although, she was confused at the last-minute name change, which took most Seneca County residents by surprise on Thursday. Lorenzetti also pointed out her dissatisfaction with Seneca Meadows, in particular, the landfill and how it “doesn’t fit with the region” anymore. She summed up her position on the landfill by simply concluding that, “2023 should be the end.”Being a member of the IDA she also said that there are “real concerns” regarding the future of business in Seneca County, in addition to the state as a whole. “We aren’t business friendly,” and that’s a problem, Lorenzetti continued. There are a lot of things that can be done to improve the situation — but overall — there highlighted some immediate steps that could be taken to ensure that a business friendly climate is created in New York.To those she represents in the Town of Fayette — issues with the Cayuga Indian Nation are by far the biggest impacting them. She wanted to reassure them that in Fayette they were working tirelessly to ensure that those issues are resolved. To hear the full-interview check out Inside the FLX, and be sure to check out’s complete coverage of the Seneca County Board of Supervisors meeting on Tuesday, March 8th, which starts at 6 pm.