Seneca Falls holds second community forum (video)

On Wednesday, the Seneca Falls Town Board hosted another community forum.In a word, the forum could have been described as contentious.Employees of Seneca Meadows Landfill filled the room, outnumbering those who oppose landfilling operations in Seneca Falls by 3-to-1. Many Waterloo residents from both sides of the issue also were present, which has been another common theme of recent board meetings. Speakers addressed the Town Board, as well as those in attendance – asking some questions, but focusing largely on speaking about proposed Local Law #7. Whether in support or opposition to the proposed local law, those in attendance passionately argued their cases. At a few moments throughout the two hour event, those in attendance sparred over the future of Seneca Falls, the future financial state of the community, and the job outlook of this community. One speaker addressing the idea that Seneca Falls and Waterloo have become communities known for saying “No,” rather than those accepting of new or old business.Familiar faces argued in opposition to the landfill. Brad Jones, Karen Rothfuss, and Lee Henry all delivered messages to those in attendance, as well as the Town Board – to consider a Local Law #7. While some of those who spoke in support of Seneca Meadows challenged many of the figures and ideas set forward by those individuals. Jones argued that many of the “facts” set forward by Seneca Meadows and their employees “stretched the truth,” but District Manager Kyle Black stood by those figures – arguing that the overall benefit Seneca Meadows has on the community outweighs any negatives associated with it.One speaker called on Seneca Meadows to alter what they’re doing at the landfill. “Modify what’s being done at Seneca Meadows,” he asked those employees present. Another speaker asked those in attendance to work together, pointing out that everyone in the community is a stakeholder in this issue. In a statement to after the community forum Black said, “We are grateful for all of the residents and business owners who stood beside our Seneca Meadows team tonight. It was a great show of support, filling 3/4 of the audience. We hope that the Town Board recognizes the value that Seneca Meadows brings Seneca Falls and our surrounding community, and abandons Local Law 7.”A few other issues were touched on during the community forum. However, a majority of the time was spent discussing Seneca Meadows, Local Law #7, and where residents from Seneca Falls and Waterloo stood on this issue. Other issues briefly discussed included:- Economical development in Seneca Falls.- Marketing and planning for Canal Fest.- Housing in Seneca Falls.- Code enforcement in Seneca Falls.Check out the entire community forum held in Seneca Falls in the video player above. will have more from this event throughout the upcoming weekend.