Seneca Falls Town Board schedules hearing for Local Law #7; Lazzaro warns of cuts to services

The Seneca Falls Town Board ruled on Tuesday that they will be holding a Public Hearing on Local Law #7 on September 28 at 7 pm.

The decision came at the end of new business, where Annette Lutz introduced a motion, which would move Local Law #7 from it’s postponed status — moving it to a confirmed, and solid date. The item was not previously on Tuesday’s agenda.

“We should put the Public Hearing back on the books,” Lutz pointed out to the rest of the board members.

Supervisor Greg Lazzaro painted a grim picture for the future of Seneca Falls — should a Local Law #7 move from proposition — to a passed law. As he outlined a meeting, which would be necessary by his measure with all department heads — to determine where cuts would be made to sustain the Town of Seneca Falls without revenue from Seneca Meadows.

Lutz motion to reset a date for the proposed local law was seconded by Dave Delelys.

“We’re going down a tricky road here,” Lazzaro explained. “We will not have enough money in the budget and there will be cuts. And that’s not a threat. That is a real problem,” Lazzaro closed.

Seneca Falls Town Attorney Pat Morrell pointed out that when the current operating permit expires in October of 2017, which is issued by the DEC, Seneca Meadows will have to cease operating if the local law is passed.

Vic Porretta expressed his concerns about the board moving forward without any concrete evidence or plans on how to make up any financial gaps that may exist moving forward.

The vote ended 3-2 in favor of having a Public Hearing on the proposed Local Law #7. Supervisor Lazzaro and board member Porretta were the two “nays,” with board members Lutz, Sarratori and Delelys voting in favor of holding the hearing.

The words, “No solid waste management facility shall hereafter be constructed, allowed to commence operation or continue operation within the town,” are the decisive ones inside Local Law #7. The law, which some say exempts facilities currently operating — would prevent any further landfills or landfill expansions from occurring in the Town.

While signs and petitioners were not allowed at Tuesday’s meeting, a special area was setup outside the Town Offices to accommodate those looking to protest from either side of the landfilling debate.

Seneca Meadows District Manager Kyle Black declined to comment after the meeting, but FingerLakes1.com will have more on the developments at Tuesday’s meeting throughout the day on Wednesday.

Below is video of the entire meeting held in Seneca Falls on August 2, 2016.

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