REMEMBER THE GOAL: Waterloo native looks for positive message in 16th film project

For Dave Christiano, a Nashville resident and native of Waterloo his latest movie project is about belief.

The movie is called “Remember the Goal” and is set at an all-girls school aptly named Orange Hills. The name of the school in Christiano’s movie came from the school colors of the Waterloo Indians.

In 1973, Christiano and his brother Rich were the top-performers on a Section Five title cross country team that defied the odds.

Christiano told that while he and his brother have worked on projects throughout their 20-year career making movies — this one held a special place in their hearts.

They wanted a positive message to come out of Hollywood. “Our whole goal with movies is to produce films with a message that could edify a person, build them up, point them toward the Lord, toward righteous living.” He went on pointing out that, “There is too much negative coming out of Hollywood.”

Christiano was born and raised in Waterloo, graduated from Waterloo High School in 1974 and studied two years at St. John Fisher in Rochester — before transferring to Arkansas State University to complete his bachelors and masters degrees in mass communication.

He began in the film industry, alongside his brother in 1985. For the duo from Waterloo, Remember the Goal is the 16th project they have completed.

Their next project, “Power of the Air” will feature Patty Duke, an Academy Award winner who passed away earlier this year. That film will come out in the second-half of 2017, according to Christiano.

Remember the Goal was produced in Nashville, Tennessee and for the third week in a row — the film is being held over at the Auburn Theatre.

According to Christiano the movie is intended to impact teens, parents, and coaches alike. “ This movie tries to give them a purpose in life. It encourages teens to obey their parents instead of disobeying them behind their back. The movie shows you one way to help a friend who struggles with the problem of smoking weed.”

Remember the Goal, which is rated PG, is being held over at the Track Cinema in Aurelius for the third consecutive week. There will be multiple showtimes from September 9 through September 15.

For more information on the movie click here, or to find out showtimes visit Track Cinema’s website.