DRIVERS: State Farm highlights likelihood of hitting deer in each state

A report issued by State Farm Insurance looked at the actual odds of hitting a deer while driving in the U.S. The results were a mixed bag of interesting – and a little surprising.

For those living in the Finger Lakes, the changeover from summer to fall means watching out for deer on the roads, as hunting season opens up. New York had overall odds of 1 in 161 for drivers to strike a deer. Compare that to the state where State Farm believes drivers are most-likely to hit a deer, which was West Virginia – where the odds were 1 in 41 – and the risk is definitively lower.

That said, questions remain about how much of an impact New York City had on the numbers for New York State, with a high-density of drivers and low-instance of deer-related accidents.

For drivers in the area, the simple answer is to slow down, be alert, and watch for deer crossing signs. While they may be overlooked throughout the year, those signs are deliberately placed by New York State Department of Transportation workers. Where those signs appear, there is a greater likelihood that deer will appear on, or near roadways.

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