Helming re-affirms commitment to FingerLakes1.com debate slated for Nov. 3rd at 8 pm

All three candidates running for New York State Senate in the 54th District reaffirmed their commitment on Tuesday.

After select outlets reported confusion over the date and time of the debate, which had Canandaigua Supervisor Pam Helming uncertain about the details of the debate – her campaign confirmed that she would be taking part in the November 3rd debate.

A representative at Helming’s office pointed out that the confusion involved the name of the event. Helming’s campaign pointed out that she was 100 percent committed to the debate in Seneca Falls – but was thrown off by the question posed by the reporter. “It was called the Seneca Falls debate,” which was the point of confusion.

The debate will highlight the issues important to voters from around the region and will focus on giving those voters a look at all three candidates just five days before Election Day. “We had worked tirelessly to ensure that all three candidates were confirmed before making any public announcement, which is why the report earlier today that Helming was uncertain came as a surprise,” noted Josh Durso, who will be moderating the debate.

The debate will feature Republican Canandaigua Supervisor Pam Helming, Democratic Rose Supervisor Kenan Baldridge, and Ontario County businessman Floyd Rayburn who are vying to replace long-time Senator Michael Nozzolio.

This debate will also be the only one to feature all three candidates looking to succeed Nozzolio. “This is a great opportunity for the voters to understand what’s going on in the 54th District and where each candidate stands on the individual issues,” Durso added. “The close proximity to Election Day makes it even more valuable for voters,” he concluded.

The debate will be featured live on FingerLakes1.com, FingerLakes1.TV, as well as the FingerLakes1.com YouTube channel. An audio only simulcast will be streamed at FingerLakes1.com Radio. The debate can also be accessed live via the FingerLakes1.com Android and iPhone apps via the FingerLakes1.TV or FL1 Radio tabs.

Questions can still be submitted via Facebook, Twitter, or via email to contact@fingerlakes1.com.

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