A changing of the guard at Patty’s Place in Canandaigua

The photos of veterans posted on the wall at Patty’s Place are there because they’re good people. Same with the photos of others. The small, artificial Christmas tree that’s still up is to remember a friend. Framed newspaper articles also appear on the wall, as do letters.

But you’ll have to ask Patty Hotchkiss about the stuffed banana that’s hanging near the kitchen in her eatery, because, well, go ahead. It’s a gift from a few state troopers who stop in to eat at Patty’s Place, and the joke that inspired it is a gift from Hotchkiss. “They laughed all day long. They’re still laughing about that,” said Hotchkiss, 62. “I wouldn’t want to be a trooper or cop. They’re in danger every day.

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