WINNERS & LOSERS: Election results from across the FLX

Unmistakably, the buzzword after this election season is ‘polarized’.

Nothing describes the state of politics now – at the national or local level – than that word. On the national stage – Republican Donald Trump became the President Elect of the United States. While final results may not come until sometime Wednesday – that result remains likely given the electoral map.

On the local stage, polarizing issues like landfilling took center stage. In Seneca Falls, two candidates whose races were based largely on that single, polarizing issue – saw their fates go by the way of a defacto referendum on the matter. Republicans Lou Ferrara and Thomas Ruzicka defeated appointed Democratic Seneca Falls Town Board members Mary Sarratori and Annette Lutz.

In the race for New York State Senate District 54, candidates fought through a polarized electorate – pointing out the many flaws in each campaign. For Democratic Rose Town Supervisor Kenan Baldridge and Reform Party candidate Floyd Rayburn – the major items were the downstate funding and money flowing into their race for Canandaigua Supervisor Pam Helming. She would go on to win her race handily for the 54th District, and told FingerLakes1.com during it’s Election Night Special that her focus was on serving the communities moving forward in the region.

The Yates County Judge race, which was framed throughout the weeks leading up to Election Day on three polarizing candidates, who all brought their own baggage to the election table. While it’s expected in large, regional races to see candidates call each other names, or take shots – it’s less-expected in smaller elections.

Now, for those who have been elected will have to contend with that polarization and make policy happen.

Below are all of the results from Tuesday’s races in the Finger Lakes.

Multiple Congress 23rd Tom Reed John Plumb Tom Reed
Multiple Congress 24th John Katko Colleen Deacon John Katko
Multiple Congress 25th Louise Slaughter Louise Slaughter Mark Assini Brandon Kirshner (I)
Multiple Congress 27th Chris Collins Diana Kastenbaum Chris Collins
Multiple State Assembly 125th  Barbara Lifton Barbara Lifton Herbert Masser Jr.
Multiple State Assembly 126th Gary Finch Diane Dwire Gary Finch
Multiple State Assembly 130th Bob Oaks Bob Oaks
Multiple State Assembly 131st Brian Kolb Brian Kolb
Multiple State Assembly 132nd  Philip Palmesano Philip Palmesano
Multiple State Senate 50th John A. DeFrancisco John A. DeFrancisco
Multiple State Senate 51st James L. Seward Jermaine Graham James L. Seward
Multiple State Senate 54th  Pam Helming Kenan Baldridge Pam Helming Floyd Rayburn (Ref)
Multiple State Senate 55th Rich Funke Rich Funke
Multiple State Senate 58th Thomas O’Mara Leslie Burke Thomas O’Mara
Multiple Supreme Court (NY) 7th Charles Schiano, Jr. Tonia Ettinger Charles Schiano, Jr. Mimi Satter
Cayuga Aurelius Town Board Alexander F. Patterson Alexander F. Patterson
Cayuga Brutus Town Board  N/A
Cayuga Cayuga County Judge Thomas G. Leone Thomas G. Leone
Cayuga Springport Town Collector  Connie G. Scapatici Connie G. Scapatici
Cayuga Venice Town Clerk  Kim M. Franklin Kim M. Franklin
Ontario Bristol Town Justice  Frank Beretta Frank Beretta Dean Buczek (Con)
Ontario East Bloomfield Town Justice  Robert Montgomery Robert Montgomery
Ontario Farmington Hgwy Super (T)  Donald Giroux Donald Giroux
Ontario Geneva Hgwy Super (T) Bernard Peck Bernard Peck
Ontario Gorham Town Justice Kathleen Schwartz Kathleen Schwartz
Ontario Hopewell Town Justice  Teresa Bates Teresa Bates
Ontario Manchester Town Justice Katerine Denosky Charles Fine Katerine Denosky
Ontario Ontario County Judge #1  William Kocher William Kocher
Ontario Ontario County Judge #2 No Winner Brian Dennis Terence Robinson Jr.
Ontario Seneca Town Council  James Malyj James Malyj
Ontario Seneca Town Supervisor  Andrew Wickham Andrew Wickham
Ontario South Bristol Town Justice  William Welch William Welch
Ontario Victor Town Council  David Condon David Condon
Ontario Victor Town Justice  Thomas Reh Thomas Reh
Schuyler Cayuta Town Council  Dylan J. Reed Dylan J. Reed
Schuyler Dix Hgwy Super Scott Yaw Scott Yaw
Schuyler Dix Town Council  Dominick Smith Dominick Smith Gerald Purvis
Schuyler Hector Town Council John White Robert Barton John White
Schuyler Orange Town Council  Minard Lafever Bernard Baker Minard Lafever
Schuyler Orange Town Council  Richard Hendrick Richard Hendrick
Schuyler Orange Town Supervisor  Shawn Rosno Shawn Rosno
Seneca County Clerk All  Tina Lotz Tina Lotz
Seneca Covert Town Supervisor All  Micheal Reynolds Dennis Carbone Micheal Reynolds
Seneca Junius Town Council All  Thomas Davis Ron Serven Thomas Davis
Seneca Lodi/Ovid Town Justice All  Louis VanCleef Louis VanCleef Louis VanCleef
Seneca Romulus Town Council Jane C. Braunig Jane C. Braunig
Seneca Seneca Falls Town Council  Lou Ferrara Mary Sarratori Lou Ferrara
Seneca Seneca Falls Town Council  Thomas Ruzicka Annette Lutz Thomas Ruzicka
Steuben Addison Town Council Alice J. Weale Alice J. Weale
Steuben Campbell Town Justice  Douglas L. Horton Douglas L. Horton Patricia L. Horton
Steuben Canisteo Town Justice  Willard S. Mlott, II Willard S. Mlott, II
Steuben Corning City Council W2 Michele Beckman  Kate Paterson Michele Beckman
Steuben Corning Town Justice Glenford L. Rose, Jr. Glenford L. Rose, Jr.
Steuben Greenwood Town Justice  Mary E. Smith-Gerbes Mary E. Smith-Gerbes
Steuben Hartsville Highway Super  Thomas E. DeWall Thomas E. DeWall
Steuben Hartsville Town Clerk  Jessica Henderson Stuart Perks Jessica Henderson
Steuben Hartsville Town Council  Leon Lee Woodworth, Jr. Leon Lee Woodworth, Jr. Anita McCann
Steuben Hartsville Town Justice  D.L. Buddy Getman, Jr. D.L. Buddy Getman, Jr.
Steuben Hartsville Town Supervisor  John A. Bowles Michael Muhleisen John A. Bowles
Steuben Hornell City Judge David Coddington  Joseph E. Pelych David Coddington
Steuben Jasper Assessor  Herbert Heintz Herbert Heintz
Steuben Jasper Town Council  Patricia Patti Gross Brian Adams Patricia Patti Gross
Steuben Lindley Town Assessor  Darla G. Neal Darla G. Neal
Steuben Lindley Town Council  N/A
Steuben Lindley Town Council N/A 
Steuben Lindley Town Supervisor N/A 
Steuben Pultney Town Council  Michael Yastremsk Michael Yastremsk Michael Yastremsk
Steuben Pultney Town Justice  Mary Hope Benedict Mary Hope Benedict
Steuben Rathbone Town Council  Lori A. Lewis Lori A. Lewis Duane M. Miles (REF)
Steuben Steuben County Sheriff  James Allard James Allard
Steuben Troupsburg Highway Super Murry P. Knowles  Murry P. Knowles Tammy L. Wheaton (LIB)
Steuben Troupsburg Town Supervisor Ronald D. Button (LIB) Ronald D. Button (LIB)
Steuben Wayland Town Justice  Richard Tweddell Richard Tweddell
Steuben Woodhall Town Council N/A 
Steuben Woodhull Town Justice  Christie C. Brothers Christie C. Brothers
Tompkins Caroline Town Council  Calvin C. Snow Calvin C. Snow Calvin C. Snow
Tompkins Dryden Town Council  Lamb / Servoss Dan Lamb Deana E. Madigan Kathy Servoss (Dem)
Tompkins Enfield Town Council  Beth McGee Beth McGee William B. Connors
Tompkins Ithaca District Attorney  Matthew Van Houten Matthew Van Houten Edward E. Kopko (Ind)
Tompkins Ithaca Town Justice  David Klein David Klein
Tompkins Lansing Town Clerk Debbie Munson Tammy Morse Debbie Munson
Tompkins Ulysses Town Hgwy Super  David G. Reynolds David G. Reynolds David G. Reynolds
Tompkins Ulysses Town Justice  Thomas Schlee Thomas Schlee
Wayne Arcadia Town Council David Greco  David Greco
Wayne Clyde Village Board  Kanaley / Nicoletta Roland Kanaley Michele Nicoletta John Jackson (Eye2Future)
Wayne Clyde Village Mayor  Jerry Fremouw Jerry Fremouw Jerry Fremouw
Wayne Macedon Town Council Bruce Babcock  James Byron Jr. Bruce Babcock
Wayne Newark Village Board Schober/Vermeluen  Al Schober Rebecca Vermeulen (GOP)
Wayne Palmyra Town Council  Brad Cook Brad Cook
Wayne Palmyra Village Board Perry / Nolan  Rick Perry Patrick Nolan (GOP)
Wayne Palmyra Village Mayor David Husk David Husk
Wayne Red Creek Village Board  N/A
Wayne Sodus Town Council  Donald Ross Mary Ellen Fava Donald Ross
Wayne Sodus Town Justice  Robert Fratangelo Robert Fratangelo
Wayne Sodus Village Board  Sandra Hamilton Sandra Hamilton
Wayne Sodus Village Mayor  David Englert David Englert
Wayne Wayne County Coroner  Karen Nickell Karen Nickell
Wayne Wayne County Judge  Richard Healy Richard Healy
Yates Milo Coroner  Ronald Dalley Ronald Dalley
Yates Milo Highway Superintendent  Lance Yonge Lance Yonge
Yates Yates County Judge  Jason Cook Matthew Conlon Jason Cook Valerie Gardner (WF)

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Bernard J. Peck received 1,264 votes in uncontested bid for Geneva highway superintendent (Daily Messenger)
Giroux tops 3,800 votes in uncontested Farmington highway superintendent race (Daily Messenger)
Bates gets 947 votes in uncontested Hopewell justice race (Daily Messenger)
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