Peace activist Arun Gandhi to speak at Friends Church in Farmington

Arun Gandhi, grandson of India’s legendary independence-movement leader Mahatma Gandhi, was born in 1934 in Durban, South Africa and grew up under the discriminatory apartheid laws of South Africa. He was beaten by white South Africans for being too black and by black South Africans for being too white.

Gandhi sought “eye-for-an-eye” justice. But from his parents and grandparents he learned that justice does not mean revenge, it means transforming the opponent through love and suffering. And understanding nonviolence means understanding violence.

At 82, Gandhi has spent many years carrying on his grandfather’s legacy as a peace activist, traveling the world to lecture and host workshops, panel events and other gatherings. Through daily lessons from his grandfather, Gandhi said he learned very young to understand the nature of violence and anger, and how to address them.

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