JUST SAYING: We found our home

Take a good look at this picture. For some reason, we have a few individuals that show no respect to volunteerism and community.

The post was removed and thrown in the Erie Canal a month ago from the Butterfly Nature Trail, which was featured in the Life of the Finger Lakes magazine and brought the trail notice to conservationist’s at the Syracuse University. The post was found, recovered and restored to be placed back on the Butterfly Nature Trail.

The bench was not only a project, but a gift from the local Boy Scout Troop 167 that proudly made this for the Village of Macedon Fire Department to thank them for their service in the community. During the beginnings of the dissolution process, individuals close to two years ago decided to remove the bench and throw it in the Erie Canal in hopes that it would never be found.

Why you ask would individuals do this? In my opinion, the individuals have a terrible life and anything that resembles kindness and good needs to be removed from their site. The other reason, is that by removing items that respectable volunteerism will go away along with any remembrance of different forms of families with warm heartedness will be forgotten.

I am here to say that the Canal Park-Lock 30 is a sacred place that is self-protected so, that while these individuals want to disregard the good that is at the Canal Park this items have a way of finding their way home. I feel that these individuals hope is that by doing harm, that the Volunteers and items will go away, but they find their way home asking the Volunteers to look inside their heart to nurture them back, restore their beauty and place them back home for the visitors to come and enjoy the nature therapy that surrounds them and brings them to the Canal Park-Lock 30 in the first place.

Many people come to Canal Park-Lock 30 for different personal reasons and the Butterfly Nature Trail, but they all come for one common denominator and that is to destress from their chaotic day. They leave with a happy heart, smile on their face, maybe a quick conversation with a new friend they just met and then have hope at the end of their day.

Let us not forget, those that may bring darkness to others have their own darkness inside of them. So, I say “kill them with kindness” and continue to do spread your good will and decency around you. It can be as simple as a smile that can change a person’s day even if they may not show it at that point. We have many gentle people that surround us, so embrace them and do not let any darkness overshadow all the good that is truly out there.

Life is short, so enjoy every moment you can with positive surroundings and remember to laugh. It is truly your best medicine of life!

Marie Cramer is a resident of Macedon and former Mayor of the Village she calls home. Her “Just Saying” is a monthly column, which is featured on the last Friday of every month.

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