Village of Newark received water flouridation grant

The Village of Newark recently received a $15,000 fluoridation planning grant from the New York State Department of Health. The award was the result of a successful application submitted by the Village last Fall, to offset the cost of an evaluation and plan for necessary improvements in the fluoride chemical feed system at the Village’s Water Treatment Plant.

“The Board and I are extremely pleased that our efforts to secure state funding were successful,” said Mayor Jonathan Taylor. “This grant funding brings us one step closer to the upgrades that will improve our water treatment plant and increase its efficiency,” Taylor continued.

The Village of Newark Water Supply System serves close to twenty-three thousand individuals in multiple surrounding communities. The supply system’s service area is projected to grow, increasing future water demands. As a result, the Village has engaged in a strategic planning process to ensure a proactive approach to securing funding resources that may be available.

MRB Group, engineer for the Village of Newark, assisted with the preparation of the successful grant application. In order to qualify for the funding, the Village needed to demonstrate its continued commitment to maintaining an efficient and sustainable water system.

Intended to support fluoridation and its health benefits, the grant funding will help the Village identify needed improvements, consider equipment selections, and explore other potential modifications to the existing system.

“The Village is proud of our efforts to plan ahead and prepare for upcoming water supply needs,” said Mayor Taylor. “Strategic planning is a priority for the Village of Newark, to ensure we provide the best services possible to our residents,” he concluded.