BY THE NUMBERS: Ontario Co. Sheriff’s Dept. busy in 2016

Sheriff Philip C. Povero reports that during the month of January members of his staff have been busy gathering information for the Ontario County Office of Sheriff annual report for the year 2016. While work continues to produce the annual report, Sheriff Povero would like to share some of the data that has been collected to this point:

Total events processed by 9-1-1 Center, 137,660, up 25,841 from 2015

Total phone calls received by 9-1-1 Center, 180,740

Traffic stops by sheriff patrols, 16,853

Traffic tickets by sheriff patrols, 6024

DWI arrests 230

Traffic crashes investigated by deputies 2352

Total arrests 2011, including 279 at Eastview Mall

Sheriff office received 601 warrants during the year and executed 577 (clearance rate of 96%)

Civil Office served 803 income executions and 133 evictions.

Civil Office collected $1,622,688.77 during the year.

Completed pistol permit license investigations 587

A total of 2095 inmates were committed to the county jail

There were 234,538 meals served at the jail

Corrections officers logged 98,124 miles on transports

K-9 Units responded to 371 calls for service and conducted 35 public demonstrations

Deputies screened100,585 people who entered the Ontario County Courthouse