Walworth Town Clerk censured for complaints of unprofessional conduct

On Monday, January 30th, the Walworth Town Board held a Special Meeting regarding a legal investigation which the town board commissioned on Tuesday, January 3rd, 2017.

The investigation was conducted to examine what was described as a long history of impropriety of the Walworth Town Clerk, Ms. Susie Jacobs. Jacobs is currently serving the third year of her four year term as an elected official as the Town Clerk. However, due to being an elected official, Jacobs is not considered an employee of the town, and therefore is sheltered, by law, from being dismissed from her position.

After sustaining a head injury On October 8th, 2016 which caused a severe concussion, Jacobs has indicated that she has been unable to work full time, with her absence causing difficulty for residents as well as town employees, according to the Town Board, due to her limited office hours and inability to perform certain aspects of the job on account of her injury.

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