Cuomo consolidation plans stir talks between Union Springs and Springport

Following Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s proposal for counties to create consolidation plans for residents to vote up or down on the November ballot, Union Springs Mayor Bud Shattuck had an idea. The state Division of Local Government Services is encouraging counties to apply for $50,000 grants for “assistance for the consolidation or dissolution of a local government.”

With the village and the town of Springport already working closely together on so many initiatives, Shattuck said he thought it was something the town and village should consider. Cayuga County could at least apply for the $50,000 grant, he said, and have that consolidation discussion on the state’s dime and not on the county’s. Shattuck, too, has been in brief discussions with Seneca Falls, which had incorporated its village into its town in 2011.

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