Cayuga County, DA may pursue counterclaim against ex-staffer

Following a long executive session Tuesday evening, Cayuga County legislators quickly voted to hire a law firm for pursuing and investing in any counterclaims District Attorney Jon Budelmann or Cayuga County may have involving an ex-staffer in the DA’s office.

Jeffrey Domachowski, a former assistant district attorney, filed a notice of claim in September alleging that District Attorney Jon Budelmann withheld exculpatory evidence from multiple drug cases. Domachowski has said he discovered “legal issues” in 2015, and after several conversations with Budelmann, was fired in June 2016.  Budelmann has said the ex-staffer was conspiring with defense attorneys on cases. Budelmann has told The Auburn Citizen that Domachowski had “never stopped being a criminal defense attorney and could not fit into the role of a prosecutor.”

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