Aurelius FD: Barn collapsed onto West Genesee St. from wind overnight (photo)

Photos from the scene provided by the Aurelius Fire Dept.

Firefighters were called to West Genesee St. in the area of Half Acre Rd. after the high winds toppled a barn.

They say when the barn fell it completely blocked the roadway, which resulted in crews being called to the scene to assist with removing the debris.

No one was injured, or even near the barn when the collapse happened — but this was the most-significant damage reported in the immediate area.

No other structures were damaged. It’s unclear what the wind speed was within that pocket. The barn fell around 1:53 am.

Aurelius units were clear of the scene and back in service at 3:01 am.

Aurelius Car 1, Car 5 (Duty Chief), Rescue Squad 2 & Engine 2 responded.