Town responds to anti-semitic graffiti in Ludlowville Park

Lansing Supervisor Ed LaVigne said he is outraged at anti-Semitic graffiti found carved into playground equipment in Ludlowville Park. Councilwoman Katrina Binkewicz alerted LaVigne to the vandalism Wednesday after seeing a post from a Ludlowville resident on an online chat board. She obtained a picture of the damage, and asked the Parks and Recreation Department to investigate. The graffiti was immediately removed as soon as it was located.

"When you insult one religion you insult all religions," LaVigne said Wednesday. "Anybody who is a religious person should take offense at this. There's no way that Lansing condones this. If anything, we are an accepting, loving, inclusive community."

At first the Parks and Recreation staff were not able to find the images, but on further investigation they found it etched into the playground equipment, including a Jewish star with a line scratched through it and other defamatory graffiti, as well as an older 'Sons of Anarchy' symbol.

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