Sheriff Virts: ‘No Unnecessary Travel’ until 5 am on Thursday in Wayne Co.

Update: Wayne Co. Sheriff Barry Virts announced Wednesday morning that the ‘No Unnecessary Travel’ advisory would continue in his county through 5 am on Thursday. He says that while roadways may improve at points during the day on Wednesday – conditions will likely deteriorate again overnight, as reduced crews are on the road.

Wayne County Sheriff Barry Virts says ‘No Unnecessary Travel’ until 5 am on Wednesday. The two part advisory issued by Virts on Tuesday includes a Travel Advisory, which is active until 10 pm. Then it will be replaced by a ‘No Unnecessary Travel’ advisory, which will run from 10 pm until 5 am on Wednesday.

Wayne County Emergency Management officials issued a statement Tuesday morning on the storm.

They say road conditions will be monitored throughout the event and if necessary, advisories will be issued. Highway crews are out working to keep roads clear, according to officials, but may have trouble keeping up with it at times this afternoon and evening as snowfall rates could reach 2-inches per hour.

They say that Sheriff Barry Virts will issue a travel advisory, if necessary, but at this point no official word has come from the Sheriff’s Office.

Officials ask citizens to stay informed by keeping tuned to local media outlets. They also note that staying vigilant throughout the storm is the only way to aptly prepare for what is coming.

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