Geneva to host information session on Active Transportation Plan

On April 29th from 9:30 am until 11:30 am an Active Transportation Draft Plan informational session hosted by the Active Transportation Plan Committee. The session will take place at the Hydrant Hose Bingo Room located at 61 Geneva Street.

The session will have a presentation to share recommendations and then have an open house gallery of materials to review, ask questions and provide feedback to the committee and consultant team. As a joint collaboration between the Town and the City of Geneva, the plan provides an assessment of current conditions and recommendations throughout the Geneva area.

Mark Venuti, Geneva Town Supervisor adds, “We’ve had strong collaboration among committee members and consultants, but I find a fresh look from people who have not been immersed in a project always turns up a missed gem or issues that have been overlooked, so I’m looking forward to hearing from community members Saturday, April 29th.”

Sage Gerling, Director of Neighborhood Initiatives says “The committee and the consultant team is looking forward to getting feedback from the community on the recommendations for making Geneva an easier place to walk, bike and use public transit. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with the Town as we take actions to implement the plan.”

Geneva’s Active Transportation Plan will help the Town and City plan its future walking and bicycling infrastructure in a manner that is on par with the best practices from around the country. This project will support the continued development of safe, functional and attractive facilities for biking and walking in Geneva. The Active Transportation Plan is an important step towards community safety and sustainability, helping create an inclusive system that accommodates the wide range of mobility levels of all pedestrians and bicycles with connections to the neighboring towns.