Temperatures will soar in the FLX on Thursday

Temperatures are off and running this morning with most areas already near or above 60 degrees at 7 am.

With at least partial sunshine and a gusty south wind, warm air will continue to pump into the Finger Lakes for one of the warmest days yet in 2017.

Many areas will push 80 degrees this afternoon, and the typically warmer northern Finger Lakes should be able to rise into the low 80s. The warmest temperatures will be near and west of Rochester, where are few mid 80s may be possible.

The higher elevations of the southern Finger Lakes and Southern Tier will likely top out in the upper 70s.

There will be a bit of humidity with the warm temperatures with dew points pushing towards 60 degrees. While not humid by summertime standards, it is more humid than it typically is in late April.

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