HERRON: Children must be protected

Mothers of Seneca County: You have spent tireless hours researching the benefits of breast milk versus formula, to immunize or not to immunize. You have compared car seats and brands of baby food . You have spent hours interviewing day care providers, and teaching your children basic manners and safety. You have done all of this out of the love for your babies and in the interest of protecting your children and giving them a promising future.

Protecting our children. That is what we mothers do. We are ferocious if our young are threatened. We sense danger before danger arises. We act fearlessly to protect them from harms way.

The presence of a mega land fill in the very town that you are raising your children is threatening your young at this very minute. Where are you?? What are you doing to protect your babies?

The Seneca County Health Assessment report states that, “Cancer is the 2nd leading cause of death among Seneca County residents. Several Seneca County cancer indicators are ALARMING as they demonstrate higher rates than NYS. In Seneca County rates for all cancers are significantly above the state rate with lung and bronchus and female breast cancers among the cancers of special concern. Colorectal=63.6% Seneca County vs 50.4% NYS, Female Breast cancer 194.8 %, Lung- 100.6 % Seneca County vs 69.8% NYS!! Studies conducted in Italy have directly linked lung cancer to living next to a landfill…

The Seneca Falls Town Board, with newly elected officials, who have openly admitted to taking money from Waste Management Solutions (the dump) recently voted a new law into effect. This new law will allow Waste Management Solutions (the dump) to expand indefinitely, threatening the health and well being of our children. Sense the danger!!!!! The decomposing trash from 47 of the 62 counties in NYS, 5 other states and Canada is polluting the air our children breathe, the lakes they swim in, and the water they may be drinking. How can the board say the landfill does not pose a health or environmental risk to our children? My motherly instinct and intelligence tells me otherwise!!!

So, I ask you- Where are you?? What are you doing to protect your children? Your children deserve more. Get inspired. Get informed. Get involved. Your children’s lives and futures are at stake!!

Darcy Herron
Seneca Falls

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