Waterloo Republican will seek seat on Seneca County Board of Supervisors

Michael Enslow, a Waterloo resident, announced over the weekend that he will be running for a seat on the Seneca County Board of Supervisors. Enslow will run for one of the two at-large positions from the Town of Waterloo in November’s election.

Enslow resides at 2567 Edwards Rd. with his wife Emily and their four children – Violet, 10, Hazel, 7, Iris, 4, and Sullivan, 2. He is employed at Elderlee, Inc. in Oaks Corners as the Manager of Equipment Operations division, which includes maintenance, equipment fabrication, and commercial blasting and painting.

He also owns and operates a small business; Enstech, Inc. since 2006, which encompasses auto sales and service.

Enslow currently serves on the Seneca County Planning Board. He is the Chairman of the Town of Waterloo Republican Committee and also serves on the Seneca County Republican Committee.

He is an advocate for responsible development; enabling the growth of the tax base and provide much-needed jobs in the town. He will also be a consistent voice for lowering taxes as well as more effective government spending. He says that he will also work to building a safer community.

Enslow said, “Walking the streets of Waterloo over the past few years’ have taught me a lot. It’s one thing to hear comments from people on what they would like to see. It’s another to sit and talk with them in their living room and hear the anxiety and worry in their voices.”

He continued, “Young and old are scared, angry, and are feeling ignored. They want someone to hear them and to stand up and act for them. I want to be their voice.”

Enslow says he wants to make Seneca County better for everyone.

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