HEATING UP: Wednesday, Thursday will soar into 80s

It’s going to feel like summer over the next couple days, according to forecasters, who say that temperatures are going to surge after the passage of a warm front late-Monday.

Here’s the latest from FLX Weather Meteorologist Drew Montreuil:

Look for high temperatures to be well above normal for a couple of days with afternoon highs well into the 80s Wednesday and Thursday.

The Finger Lakes will experience a taste of summer for the next 48 hours as hot and somewhat humid air surges north on gusty southwest winds.

Temperatures are starting Wednesday in the 50s and 60s, but those temperatures will rise in a hurry under mostly sunny skies.

As the sun climbs higher in the sky this morning, the wind will start to kick up and will become rather gusty. Look for frequent gusts between 25-35 mph through the afternoon hours before subsiding as the sun begins to set.

The temperatures this afternoon will be well above normal, and for many areas, the warmest it has been so far in 2017. The entire region should be in the 80s, with most of the Finger Lakes settling in the mid 80s. A few areas will be warmer, and a few cooler, so be sure to check your zip-code forecast for the details on your town.

The overnight will be quiet, but quite mild. Low temperatures will only drop into the 60s for most areas.

Thursday will be similarly warm, with mostly mid 80s, but a few upper 80s as well.

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