IPD will have extra officers looking for seatbelt violators

The New York State Governors Traffic Safety Committee has announced that May 22nd to June 4th is their Designated Seatbelt Mobilization Enforcement Period.

As in years past, the Ithaca Police Department will have extra patrols on duty looking for seatbelt violations during this campaign.

Police officers working these extra patrols will be patrolling during various hours throughout the day on various days of the week and will specifically be looking for any and all seatbelt violations.

Officers will utilize a zero tolerance approach for violations observed during the period.

IPD joins several hundred police agencies across New York that are participating in this important safety campaign.

REgarding the patrols, Acting Chief of Police Pete Tyler said, “Please wear your seatbelt folks. It really only takes a few seconds and it will save your life if you are involved in a serious crash. In my career as a police officer and volunteer firefighter I have seen countless people seriously hurt and even die in car crashes just because they didn’t wear their seatbelt. It literally takes two seconds, but those two seconds may be the difference between life and death in a car crash.”

The extra patrols are funded through the New York State Police Traffic Services Grant. The goal of this enforcement effort is to raise the level of seatbelt compliance and reduce injuries in motor vehicle crashes.

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