Ten more graduate from Citizen Budget Academy in Geneva

Ten citizens from six of Geneva’s neighborhoods have now graduated the third installment of the Citizen Academies series-the Citizen Budget Academy.

City Comptroller Adam Blowers “It was a lot of hard work to create and prepare, but it was so great to get into discussions about the city finances with this group each class. I was grateful for the dialogue and questions each week. I have learned from the members of this cohort and have received very positive feedback from them about the information that was presented. I am taking their comments and incorporating those into what I will do next year.”

Academy member, Robert Guard, adds “In all my years of handling mine and organizations finances I never realized that the City of Geneva has such a small amount the work with after state mandates and payroll contracts with employee bargaining units.

I give a lot of credit to the City Manager, Department Heads and City Council in working together to keep things on an even keel.”

With this class ending, we have our first Mayoral Fellow and two Mayor’s Institute of Engagement Neighborhoods to celebrate at next week’s City Council meeting. For admission into the Mayor’s Institute, a resident need only complete all three courses; each of which is scheduled to be offered annually.

A neighborhood must have at least one active neighbor in each of these academies: Citizen Police, Citizen Planning, and Citizen Budget. There is no time constraint within which to complete the courses.

“We have already had more conversations related to the topics of these academies in our neighborhood association meetings and neighbors have relayed to us that they are sharing examples from classes in their social circles.” Rhonda Everdyke, Director of Communications and Engagement.

The Citizens Police Academy is scheduled for later this fall, with registration opening in late summer.

For information on course enrollment, contact Director of Communications and Engagement Rhonda Everdyke, or check the City’s website at www.cityofgenevany.com

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