Ontario Co. Sheriff reports a busy month in May

Ontario County Sheriff Philip Povero reported a busy month for law enforcement during May.

The 9-1-1 Center processed a total of 13,570 events, including 6,480 events for the Sheriff’s Office and State Police. There were 1,137 calls for emergency medical service, 344 calls for fire departments, 3,357 calls for the Canandaigua Police Department and 2,252 calls for the Geneva Police Department.

He says that a total of 320 car crashes were responded to during the month, including 42 crashes with injury, 128 property damage crashes, 117 car-deer crashes, six vehicles in a ditch, three rollover crashes, 24 hit-and-run accidents, as well as one fatal accident, which involved an Ontario County Deputy.

The Ontario County Sheriff’s Office K-9 unit reported 49 calls for service during the month, including drug searches, presentations to the public and assists to other agencies.

Deputies assigned to Eastview Mall responded to a total of 144 calls for service at the mall and reported 16 arrests.

Sheriff’s Investigators continue to process pistol permit applications and Sheriff Povero notes that so far this year, 257 pistol permit investigations have been completed.

The Ontario County Sheriff’s Office Crime Scene Unit reported 273 pounds of medications were collected from various drop boxes in the county during the month. The medications will be properly disposed by the Sheriff’s Office.

Technicians also collected 182 pieces of evidence from 73 different cases during the month.

The Ontario County Jail served a total of 16,817 meals and 2,505 snacks to inmates during the month.

The Marine & Recreational Vehicle Unit began 2017 patrols of Canandaigua and Honeoye Lakes during the Memorial Day weekend. Navigation patrols will continue through September.

All staff members in the 9-1-1 Center completed eight hours of training on the use of equipment in the county mobile command post vehicle, emergency medical dispatch procedures, fire service call taking and dispatching and the use of the county’s computer aided dispatch system.

Six new county police officers finished the academy phase of their basic police training at the Finger Lakes Law Enforcement Academy.

These officers have now been assigned to a Field Training Officer and will continue their training and evaluation for another 320 hours in the field, before their academy graduation, which is scheduled for July 26th.

Sheriff’s Office law enforcement members attended eight hours of firearms in-service training during the month of May, as well.