Clog remains elusive in Emerson Park sluiceway

High Owasco Lake levels have foiled the latest attempt at clearing out a clog in a tunnel running underneath a portion of Emerson Park.

Owasco Town Supervisor Ed Wagner had said the town would dig and cut a hole in the approximately 100-foot long culvert midway to see what was inside. The town attempted to do just that and discovered it’s not a culvert at all.

“We thought it was a culvert, but it’s actually a concrete bunker type thing,” Wagner said. “It’s just another obstacle we can overcome.”

The tunnel, often called a sluiceway, was installed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to increase water flow in the area around Deauville Island. The opening starts at the beach near the east side of the city of Auburn’s pump house and exits at the lake’s channel.

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