Auburn City Council approves new health insurance policy for city workers

Members of the Auburn City Council voted to amend the city senior management personnel policy to save the city money on health insurance costs during Thursday’s city council meeting.

The city is giving current senior management personnel the option to switch to a cheaper health-care plan and are offering incentives of $500 per individual plan and $1,000 per family plan to employees who choose to switch. All new employees will be required to enroll the new health insurance plan if they choose to have city-provided health care.

Even with the incentive, the city is still saving between $6,000 and $11,000 for each employee who makes the switch.

Councilor Jimmy Giannettino said he was unsure if he wanted to support this resolution at first because he does not want the city to set a precedent of changing contracts. He said after giving it some thought, he decided he would vote to approve the change.

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