Red Cross in critical need of blood donors

The Red Cross says it is dealing with a shortage of blood, and is in critical need of donors.

The organization is holding several upcoming blood drives across the Rochester area, emphasizing the importance for people to donate, not just now, but always.

“A couple years ago, my mom was in the hospital, and she required daily transfusions, so without people donating blood, she might not be here today,” said Jim Haoold, who donates blood regularly.

Patty Corvia of the Red Cross says “It’s important to note that every two seconds someone in the United States needs blood.”

“Car accident victims can need up to 100 units of blood. So if you can imagine 100 donors standing in a room, that’s how many people at times it needs, to save the life of one car accident victim,” Corvia said.

The Red Cross says all blood types are needed, especially O negative, which is the universal donor.

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