Auburn sanitation workers stop to help lost toddler

Three city employees were honored at Thursday’s Auburn City Council meeting for helping a lost child.

David Gibson, Joseph Delaney and Devin Uebelman were running their usual refuse collection route near North Lewis and Lansing streets Tuesday morning when they spotted an unsupervised toddler wandering in the road. Gibson, a new father himself, pulled the truck over and Uebelman picked the boy up out of the road. The workers asked the boy where his home was, but he was unable to answer their questions, so the men stayed with him until police arrived.

The police were able to reunite the lost boy with his family — and he was present at Thursday’s city council meeting as the three workers were honored.

“Without our crew’s awareness and community-minded spirit, we can only imagine what despair and tragedy could have befallen this toddler and his family,” City Clerk Chuck Mason said. “The old saying of ‘it takes a village to raise a child’ definitely rang true on this day.”

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