City of Geneva proposes turning sewage sludge into mulch

The city is proposing to make its sewage sludge available as a compost-based mulch for landscapers, nurseries and developers.

The state Department of Environmental Conservation has made a tentative determination to issue a permit for the proposal but is allowing public comment before making a final decision.

The city proposes to modify the sludge treatment facilities at the Marsh Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant on Doran Avenue to produce up to 280 dry metric tons of Class A biosolids a year.

The sludge, an end product of the sewage treatment process, is currently processed through an existing two-stage Autothermal-Thermophilic Aerobic Digestion process.

The digested sludge has been taken to the Ontario County Landfill, but the city plans to meet the requirements for Class A biosolids and use the material as a compost-based soil amendment for commercial users.

The DEC has determined that the project meets those requirements.

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