Attorneys point fingers as closing arguments continue in Rideout murder trial

The day started with Laura Rideout’s attorney, David Pilato, who says despite what’s been said, Laura had no motive to kill Craig Rideout.

On Monday, Collins and Alex’s attorneys pointed the finger at Laura saying that the boys were there cleaning up after what fellow family members, namely Laura, had already done. Pilato calls that pure fiction.

“Yesterday, Colin Rideout’s attorney literally and figuratively pointed a finger at Laura Rideout,” he said. “Came out with some blistering accusations. We submit that these accusations are nothing more than pure fiction. They’re not true, that’s not what the evidence shows, but never the less he did that.

“There was no proof of motive, there was no proof of a contentious divorce and there was no proof of any dispute in regards to the kids going to North Carolina, in fact it shows the opposite. It shows that Laura Rideout was moving to North Carolina and the kids weren’t going with her.”

“There’s no evidence,” Pilato said. “Laura Rideout didn’t kill Craig Rideout and despite what the district attorney will argue, and what Colin’s attorney already has, she didn’t have any reason to.”

Tucci’s defense attorney Mike Shana also made closing arguments Tuesday, saying what he has said all along; that there’s never been any physical evidence pointing to cheat and Craig’s home and nothing proving that he killed Craig.

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