Fair Haven mayor: Lake Ontario levels down, but ‘a ways to go’

Sandbagging operations have ceased. Water levels are dropping, albeit slowly.

That’s progress for the village of Fair Haven, which has been dealing with flooding since the spring. Heavy rainfall raised Lake Ontario to record levels and impacted several communities along the body of water.

Fair Haven Mayor Jim Basile estimated that lake levels have dropped eight inches since the flooding reached its peak. At one point, the lake was at its highest level in recorded history.

The International Joint Commission, a joint U.S.-Canada agency that manages lake and St. Lawrence River water levels, said last week that the lake has dropped 7.9 inches below its peak level recorded on May 29.

Basile said the reduction has allowed the tops of some docks to emerge after being under water for months. There are docks that remain submerged, he added.

“It’s headed in the right direction, which is down,” Basile said. “I just think we got a ways to go.”

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