Murderer says Auburn prison guards had him fixing locks for a year

A convicted murderer says Auburn state prison guards had him repairing locks often without supervision throughout the facility nearly every day for a year.

Gordon “Woody” Mower, who’s in prison for murdering his parents in 1996, told that guards started having him fix locks all over the prison in 2014 after the facility’s locksmith retired.

“We’re not supposed to have anything to do with locks,” Mower said in an interview at Elmira state prison. “It’s supposed to be top secret to inmates how locks work.”

Mower cited a deposition from a disciplinary hearing at the prison in 2015 as corroboration of his claims about fixing locks. In the hearing, Mower talked about fixing locks all over the prison.

A civilian employee who was in charge of the metal shop was asked at the hearing whether Mower did lockshop work in the prison.

“Yes, he did quite a lot for the lockshop,” the employee, Edward Anderson, testified at the hearing, according to an audio recording. He said Mower did work around the prison.
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