Seneca County hit hard as trees, wires come down amid severe storm (full-coverage)

Seneca County was left reeling after damaging winds moved through with a thunderstorm during the afternoon hours on Friday.

The storm did significant damage to the Seneca Falls Country Club, and locations in Romulus and Varick also saw significant damage. Trees, wires, and even a portion of a roof was pulled off during the fast-moving storm.

Below are some of the photos submitted to FingerLakes1.com after the storms passed:

When the initial shot of winds moved through with the storm, a series of trees came down on State Route 89 — taking with it power lines. The area was without power for more than an hour, and the roadway was closed for just as long. Crews worked into the night throughout the County recovering after the possible microburst.
Seneca Falls Country Club saw significant damage, as numerous trees and large limbs came down during the storm.
This photo by Carrie Herrling shows trees down on her property.
This photo by Becca Delong was captured in Romulus after the storm uprooted a tree.
This photo was captured by Kimberly Truax Woodard in Romulus.
This photo was captured by Carrie Walters in Romulus around 4:30 pm when the storm pulled away.
Another photo captured in Romulus by Kimberly Truax Woodard.
This photo by Kelly Scherer was captured in Romulus, where some residents described it as a “disaster area.”
Dane Kronenwetter captured this photo of an uprooted tree in southern Seneca County.
This photo by Deborah Mollenkopf shows wires down along State Route 96. Some who were on this roadway during the storm noted that the winds were incredibly excessive.
Yerkes Rd. shot by Deborah Mollenkopf.
Severe storm came through the area about 4:20 pm. Romulus appears hardest hit in the area. Ernsberger Rd from 414 to 89 is closed until further notice. Photo posted to Facebook by Ovid FD.
Severe storm came through the area about 4:20pm. Romulus appears hardest hit in the area. Ernsberger Rd from 414 to 89 is closed until further notice. Areas of downed lines along Rt 96 between spring Meadows and the Law Enforcement Center, but nothing in the Road. Confirmed tree into vehicle at Spring Meadows and tree into the Harness Shop on Yerkes Rd. Photo and caption shared to Facebook via Ovid FD.

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