Torrey water district is back to square one

After a mistake in calculation, the proposed Water District # 1 in the Town of Torrey may have to go back to the beginning for approval from the residents. Clark Patterson Lee, engineers for the town, miscalculated the amount of water that would be used by a small winery tasting room, having assessed it at the same usage level as a production winery. If judged to be a major alteration to the original proposal, that miscalculation may throw the numbers off enough to require the district to be re-approved by permissive referendum, requiring organizers to recanvas the residents for their signatures. Upon hearing this at last week’s Torrey Town Board meeting, George Thompson of Serenity Road, who has put years of effort into forming the district, let out an audible groan.

The proposed water district #2 for the Perry Point neighborhood received some good news. The villages of Penn Yan and Dresden are in negotiation to allow Dresden to sell part of the water they receive from Penn Yan to Torrey for Perry Point residents. This is a marked change from the months-long impasse that has held Perry Point residents in limbo as they seek a source of clean, reliable water. Both Dresden Mayor Bill Hall and Penn Yan Mayor Leigh MacKerchar say they are confident an agreement can be reached in the near future.

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