PREVENTING SUICIDE: Coalition talks about different groups (podcast series)

Suicide reaches far.

Even in rural communities like those here in the Finger Lakes — the impact of suicide can be felt, like a ripple throughout the community. The Seneca County Suicide Prevention Coalition is a newly-formed entity working to bring awareness, and eliminate suicide completely. While there are a host of contributing factors that bring this type of issue to the forefront of every community — more are working than ever, to start by eliminating stigma around mental illness.

This month FingerLakes1.com has been featuring a podcast series, taking a look at suicide and how different groups are impacted by it. The four-part series, featured exclusively on FingerLakes1.com and FingerLakes1.TV looks at veterans, law enforcement, families, and the LGBTQ communities.

Watch or listen to each part of the series below:

Veterans battle finding a place when returning home (Part I)


Addressing issues of suicide within LGBTQ community (Part II)


How law enforcement deals with all aspects of suicide (Part III)


Families and youth dealing with suicide (Part IV)


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