Inside the FLX: Talking rural development in the Finger Lakes (podcast)

On Monday’s edition of the Inside the FLX podcast Josh Durso was joined by Jillian Kasow, Director and Counsel to the Legislative Commission on Rural Resources, Christopher Stewart, Special Projects Coordinator with the USDA, and Jim Walfrand, Area Director for Rural Development with the USDA — who discussed shared efforts between regional, state, and federal officials to deliver valuable assets to rural parts of New York State.

Issues like access to food, infrastructure, resources — like medical facilities — and so much more are among those addressed by the commission. Specifically, the commission discussed a number of resources that are going to be available in the coming weeks — through events, hosted by elected officials and department leaders.


resources for those living in rural communities in the region:

Creating better access to food in rural communities
Lyme and tick-borne disease awareness forum
Creating a better, rural future for NYS

Here are some of the programs available right now:



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