Stink bug season: Those ugly, smelly bugs are trying to get into your house

So what's up with all the stink bugs stuck to your house and flying around your kitchen?

They're looking for a sweet, cozy spot to spend the winter with you.

The shorter days tell the bugs it's time to find a place to hunker down.

"They're looking to move in," said Peter J. Jentsch, an entomologist at Cornell University. Jentsch runs the Hudson Valley Research Laboratory, which works with farmers to manage insects and invasive species, like the stink bug.

Stink bugs, or more formally "brown marmorated stink bugs," are an invasive species from Asia that likely made the trip as as accidental stowaways on a cargo ship. They're called "stink" bugs because they make a bad smell when they feel threatened and they're really smelly if you squish them.

Stink bugs have no natural predators in North America, allowing them to flourish and wreak havoc on vegetable and fruit crops in recent years.

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