Hot stretch for FLX ends tonight

The weather in the Finger Lakes will continue to be hot and humid for one more day today before a cold front brings much cooler air into the region.

Temperatures early Wednesday morning are starting out well into the 60s for most areas. Many places are already near the normal daily high temperature for their minimum temperature today.

Skies are sunny and clear with just a few areas of early fog. Much like the last couple of days, the temperature will go up in a hurry this morning.

Gradually, some fair weather clouds will develop this afternoon as temperatures push well into the 80s. The temperature should fall just short of 90 degrees for the warmest areas, with mid and upper 80s widespread across the region.

After 5 pm, a couple of isolated showers and thunderstorms will pop up as the cold front approaches. Many areas will not see any rain this afternoon or this evening. Those that do should not expect a significant amount of rain.

Severe weather is unlikely with a number of factors working against the development of strong thunderstorms.

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