Town of Lansing accused of not considering public input

Joe Wetmore called out the Lansing Town Planning Board and Town Supervisor Ed LaVigne Monday when he rebuked LaVigne for saying public comments made at the scheduled October 30 public hearing would not be considered before the Planning Board votes on sending their draft of the comprehensive Plan to the town Board for approval. Wetmore quoted a statement LaVigne posted on Facebook and sent as a ‘Letter to the Editor’ in the Lansing Star’ in which he wrote, “If you wait until the October 30th meeting, there will not be time for them to consider your requests, comments or concerns. There will be no debate at a public hearing. They will only listen and then vote.”

“Now, according to our Town Supervisor, you are going to hold the public hearing, but ‘there will not be time’ for the Planning Board ‘consider’ our ‘requests, comments or concerns’,” Wetmore told Planning Board members. “Let me repeat that, at a formal public hearing, there will be no time to ‘consider’ Lansing’s residents ‘requests, comments or concerns’. Really?”

LaVigne (R) countered that the sentence was taken out of context. He angrily accused Wetmore (D), who is running for the Lansing Town Board in November’s election, of politicizing the comprehensive plan review process. He said the point of his letter was to urge citizens to mail, email, or call in their concerns ahead of time in order to give the Planning Board a reasonable amount of time to consider them.

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